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Louis vuitton outlet, the 15 largest luxury brands in China in the first half of 2014 new stores to 28, reshipment opened 7 stores, with three new closures. For part of the luxury goods group, act as sales engine market in China remain low in the past. Past shopping louis vuitton factory outlet china bag like snapping up had winter cabbages, now buy vegetables aunt carrying louis vuitton canada , apparently stamp will hurt a lot of luxury special identity identification of vanity heart.
China for the strength of the luxury consumption flow is tend to be calm, it broke the luxury goods group will the illusion of China as a major growth engine for a long time. On Friday, ranked first in the world luxury giant LVMH moet hennessy Louis vuitton (group) announced the second quarter, second quarter sales actual growth rate is only 1.3%. Among them, the louis vuitton purses for sale in canada fashion leather division of (Louis Vuitton) sales fell 10.7% year-on-year growth compared to the first quarter of 10.7%.
Performance contracting and less than expected earnings, LVMH management of pointing in the direction of market demand in China is not new. Worsening performance also makes the LVMH shares last Friday intraday fell 7.2%, its biggest one-day fall since 2009. LV has been regarded as an indicator of the luxury goods industry, the significance of benchmarking effect. Followed by the two other big world Kering Richemont luxury louis vuitton canada backpack group, Switzerland and France. The two companies share price the day down 3% and 3% respectively.
In fact, the growth rate of luxury “bleak,” signal has already been issued. Although only luxury giant has hit, but still not enough to shake. In 2011, 30% year-on-year growth in China’s luxury market scale, cliff fell to 7% in 2012. In this one year later, in mainland China market sales accounted for a quarter of the PRADA gradually calmed down. Then, in the bund to 10 years of Giorgio Armani flagship store closed last year, and are not far apart on the bund 6, Dolce & Gabbana, the bund 18 patek philippe and treasure dragon poem also evacuated.
For world-class luxury antitrust group LVMH brand Marc Jacobs’s market has become the front of the group internal priority, the process need to be addressed. A brand’s listed how long the efforts of the preparatory work. We cannot imagine. It is reported, louis vuitton canada has now appointed Sebastian Suhl became chief executive officer at the Marc Jacobs brand
Sebastian is now CEO of Givenchy brand, under the guidance of his now Givenchy coruscate gives new vitality, and its result. At the same time, Sebastian airborne can be thought of as the catalyst to accelerate the process of MJ listed.

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And began in 2006 as a Marc Jacobs brand CEO Bertrand Stalla – Bourdillon will departure, Bertrand leave in “mascherano” Marc Jacobs Louis Vuitton at once with the dilemma.
According to the report, for the listed parent company LVMH appointed Suhl to replace since 2006 in Marc Jacobs appointed CEO Bertrand STALLA – Bourdillon. And has been appointed chief executive Philippe in louis vuitton canada north Asia area before Fortunato, is expected to replace Suhl at givenchy.

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