Computer Repair

How to maintain a computer?

We are all well-known about computer because it plays a major role in this generation, which it can do both arithmetic and logical operations by its own. With the help of this computer we can connect to several computers via Internet. We can perform even a difficult task in an easy way with the help of this device. Through this discussion we are going to know completely about the different types of computer, how to maintain a computer and about computer repair technicians.

Computer Repair

Types of computer:

            There are several types of computers based on its generation. They are as follows:

  • Analog computers
  • Digital computers
  • Modern computers
  • Mobile computers

Analog computer:

            The physical aspects of an analog computer are continuously changeable such as mechanical, electrical and hydraulic quantities. The values used by these computers are not distinct. These computers are generally used in industrial and scientific applications. Although digital computers have several advantages than analog computers, the analog computers are used to teach about control systems in universities and also used in aircrafts as a flight computer.

Digital computer:

            To overcome the complications faced by the analog computer this design is made. As it has digital values the values changes regularly this is indicated by change in its values. The new features added to the digital computer are very easy and it has a greater flexibility. It is used in designing of aircraft and automobiles.

Modern computer:

            We are all well known about the desktop and laptop computer. These computers are come under the category of modern computer. There are several categories of modern computer such as TV, mobile phone and tablet. The portability of these computers is easy when compared to previous model. It has advanced communication technology, used for security purpose and it is used for both personal and for business purpose.

Mobile computer:

            Mobile computers are the smallest computing device which is easy to hold and also operate in hand and it is capable of running all mobile apps. We can access to an internet in an easy way at any place. It is also used as an entertainment device. The power to these devices is afforded through lithium batteries.

maintain a computer

            The maintenance of computer in a good condition means one is keeping one’s computer in a good state of improvement. The computer should be cleaned properly in order to remove the dust and it provides a proper cooling of the machine. In some cases to clean our computer we need an expert called computer repair technician.