Understanding Cyber Security Issues

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A recent report by Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC) stated that as many eleven organizations were either warned or slapped with fines for failing to prevent customer data, and charged under the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (the PDPA). Singapore seems to have a more structured approach to data protection.


Most of the breaches related to organizations failing to install adequate data protection measures as needed to protect customer data from hackers. The highest fine amounted to as much as S$50,000, which was meted out to the operator of a chain of Karaoke outlets. Due to insufficient data protection measures, as many as 317,000 individuals’ personal data were compromised. Data protection has remained a problem for Asian companies and legal firms. It’s isn’t easy. Different countries have different regulations.


Notably, cyber security laws have been strengthened in the recent past to deal with the technological changes.


Just July last year, the Chinese Government released its second draft of the cyber security law. The laws seem to focus on how data can be stored in China, and how network security can be subject to inspection.


The Storage Requirement

For companies, the new storage requirements mean that they would need to store certain information within the Chinese territory at all times. This specific information can only be transferred abroad for business purposes and only after a security assessment has been conducted first. The requirement is specific to companies that have ‘critical information infrastructures’.


However, what commits critical information infrastructure is the question, and the government has been given flexibility on that matter. A few of the parameters include the fact that the data needs to be of Chinese citizens and any important business data that is generated during operations in China.


Companies can only transfer the data after a security assessment. The problem though is that not much information exists on the methods or procedure for security assessment.


The new developments though mean that there can be different restrictions when it comes to transferring data from China to elsewhere.


The Key Network Equipment and Requirement for Inspection

This is one of the other major developments that comes in the second draft of the cyber security law in China. It requires manufacturers of network equipment and network security products to properly inspect and certify machines before selling them in the Chinese market.


The rules are still unclear as to the types of machines and devices that will need certification but the products are expected to be identified and published in catalogues soon by the State Network. For now at least, the scope and applicability of these policies remain vague, and implementation by relevant authorities are unclear.


While the Constitution of countries like China offers data protection rights in a wider sense, Chinese individuals have to resort to tort low to protect their civil rights and interests. A criminal action can only be brought if there is purchasing and selling involved.


How can you deal with it?


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